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COVID-19, No business income, no insurance coverage?

With all that is happening around COVID-19 (business closures, people staying indoors, etc.), businessowners are worried about keeping their businesses operable with limited or no business income. Fortunately, there may be a solution to ease your worries.

Will my business insurance policy pay for lost business income?

  • The answer depends on whether your business insurance policy offers Virus and/or Bacteria coverage. Most policies contain a coverage exclusion for business closures due to Viruses or Bacteria, Civil Authority take over, and/or Communicable Diseases. Unless otherwise stated in your policy, there may be no recourse for loss of revenues under your policy contract.

  • Having said that, if these exclusions are not present in your insurance contract, you may have coverage to replace business income – check your insurance contract language for more.

Are there other resources to supplement or replace my business income during this pandemic?

  • Today, the Washington State Department of Commerce announced that some counties are now eligible for disaster loans from the Small Business Administration. These loans are low-interest loans intended to cover operating expenses of businesses affected by a declared disaster. For more information visit

If you need help reviewing your current business policy, do not hesitate to give us a call.

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